Full artistic freedom
without polluting the

Films sell dreams. Let’s make sure their production becomes less of a CO2 nightmare. Industries all over the world are on their way to reduce emissions. The film industry however has been very quiet about how it plans to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

While big name actors pledge to fight global warming, film sets, with their build up and tear down, their ad hoc caravans, flights and sites have yet to learn how to become greener. The innovators behind CINEGREEN looked specifically at the noise, the fumes, the unreliability and the bad eco karma streaming from all the Diesel generators at a film set and made both the pledge and the product to get rid of fossil fuel on the set once and for all.

NXTGEN Generators from CINEGREEN supply your set with silent, reliable and ecological electric energy from 25kWh to 145kWh. At less cost!